Thursday, April 22, 2021

Power Pack and Halo


Thank you to Justin, a Patron of this blog, for suggesting I pair Halo and Julie Power together due to their similar powers.  There's definitely story potential there!  I've always liked Jim Aparo's design for Halo's outfit, it's quite unique.  I parted ways with my original Batman and the Outsiders art page featuring Halo, but I still have one page of Aparo art in my collection:


Horsefeathers lit up said...

Ross you must have one major collection with the pieces you've shown.
The kids are alright. Practically young Space Angels.

Ross said...

About 20 years ago when I had a much better paying job, I picked up a bunch of art before the market really blew up. It's crazy the prices some original art pages go for these days!

Carycomic said...

@Horsefeathers: the only Space Angel I remember is the Nick Fury wanna-be who dressed like Buck Rogers...and lip-synched like Clutch Cargo.

@Ross: consider yourself lucky you don't any reproductions of the Green Lama from the covers of Prize Comics. The artist(s) who drew those made him look like a cross between Superman and Peter Pan!

On the upside? I love today's title! The only thing that could (arguably) make it better is if you had Kermit and Throg performing a duet to the eponymous song.

Carycomic said...

Failing that, you could have them aiding BTVS as "The New Improved Frog Brothers."

Anonymous said...

How about Beowulf '75 vs. Grogg the Dragon (from "Kirby's Kreatures")?

Anonymous said...

Because--let's face it--even Beppo the Silver Age Super Monkey has had five times more exposure here than Beowulf!

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