Monday, July 25, 2011

The Thing and Wonder Woman

I just watched a bit of the Wonder Woman pilot that was recently not picked up to go to series.  Woof, was that a bullet dodged!  Wonder Woman is one of those properties that has had a lot of difficulty in being adapted to TV and film, and it kind of puzzles me as to what the problem is.  One part Xena, one part Superman, with a dash of Captain America thrown in and there you go!  Another thing about Wonder Woman that nobody seems to agree on is the outfit - long pants, short pants, skirt... eagle or double W symbol, many stars or a couple of big stars, everyone has a different opinion.  I am of the mind that she is a character that should not be tied down to one look.  I like the traditional garb, but feel that she should have a variety of outfits for different climates and conditions.  Some should be more ceremonial in nature and some more suited for battle. Hopefully hollywood will finally work out the bugs one day and we can finally see a big screen interpretation worthy  of comics most recognizable super-heroine.


diana green said...

Different look, I get that, but you appear to be using a Perez WW illustration with a JMS-era WW logo. Interesting choices.

Ross said...

you should know by now that all eras and styles merge on TBATB:TLI!

Anonymous said...

Live-action films don't seem to be Warner Bros./DC's thing. Their animated films (straight to DVD) have been phenomenal, but outside of Superman/Batman, don't get your hopes up.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

From what I've seen of the DCNu 52...I don't think DC will be making many live-actions films outside of Batman and Superman.

I wanted to see Green Lantern, but haven't been able to. I guess I will wait for the DVD.

Live action seems to be harder for DC than Marvel.

I doubt that Wonder Woman will ever see the light of day as a live action series or film. Unless someone can figure out how to modernize her. Didn't George Perez manage to do that pretty well? I've only read a few Wonder Woman comics in my life...There's nothing about what DC is doing with her that remotely interests me.

But, I'm a guy...

notintheface said...

I don't get the Wonder Woman difficulty either. It should be in the style of THOR, whose backstory bears a resemblance to Diana's. That movie made a fortune, and even HAD a very good Wonder Woman analog who even LOOKED the part (Jaimie Alexander as Sif).

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