Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Thing and Tintin

Well, the trailer for the upcoming Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson Tintin film hit the web a few days ago and I am cautiously optimistic.  There's no doubt that they got the look right, and the action looks fun and cool - but I still have reservations with the CGI.  As amazing as some of the advancements in CGI have been, one thing that has never convinced me is human faces.  If they are more cartoony like in Toy Story or exaggerated like in The Incredible Hulk they can work, but straight on human faces still look a little off to me, and it has lessened my enjoyment of films like A Christmas Carol and Beowulf.  I haven't seen the new trailer in HD yet, so I can't tell how well the faces work... but from what I have seen, it looks pretty promising.  Hopefully the films will be successful and introduce a legion of Harry Potter readers to Herge's classic character.


Anonymous said...

As a Haitian-American, with French-speaking relatives in Quebec, Marseille, Miami and Haiti, I remember perusing through my visiting cousin's collection of Bandes Dessinee (French graphic novels) in the 1970s. They had titles such as Asterix, Blueberry (a western), and Tin Tin. They were exotic and incomprehensible because I could not read French. But I enjoyed the artwork immensely, figuring out the storyline.

Cabin said...

Zut Alores!
Sacre Bleu!

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