Friday, July 15, 2011

The Thing and Tom Strong

I like comic properties that can be plugged into a wide variety of story types and that has always been one of the strengths of The Fantastic Four.  Thy were heroes, but also adventurers and they had their fair share of drama, humor and tragedy.  Tom Strong appealed to me in the same way.  The stories featuring Tom Strong and his supporting cast spanned many different genres and always kept the tales interesting.  Even more than a Thing/Tom Strong team up, I would love to see the entire FF meet up with the Strong Family.  That would surely make for an epic adventure!


pblfsda said...

If you're teaming families (and the F.F. are a family) the Secret Saturdays would work. They'd probably think Ben was a cryptid.

Ross said...

That's one I haven't heard of - is it a cartoon?

Robby Reed said...

You should show the covers you got the figures from under the redone cover. Let your readers in on the fun!

pblfsda said...

Secret Saturdays ran for maybe two(?) seasons on Cartoon Network and has also been in the DC CN Action Pack comic. It was created by Jay Stephens, who has done Jet Cat and Tutenstein (both for kids) and Atomic City Tales (for adults). Secret Saturdays fell somewhere between. The family are mother and father crypto-biologists and their son, who has a latent ability to control the creatures they track to study and protect. In the pilot, he learns that his favorite TV show host is their evil arch enemy.

If you look for episodes, try to get an episode guide first. If the show had one weakness it was that rerunning episodes out of order made it difficult for younger children to follow it when they missed the original broadcast run.

Start at:
It links to a guide.

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