Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Batman and Spider-Woman

Brian Michael Bendis is obviously a fan of Spider-Woman and has given her a major push in the titles that he writes after may years of the character lying dormant. I am glad that Jessica Drew is back on the scene, I always liked her simple yet effective design and her back story lends itself to many different types of adventures.

I recently caught an episode of the Spider-Woman motion comic. The motion comic technology is interesting but not all that different from the limited animation of almost 40 years ago. One thing that did surprise me is that Spider-Woman was given a British accent. Was she ever revealed to be of British descent in the comics, or was this just a producer's whim?


Mike Thomas said...

She was always born in London, but that accent caught a lot of viewers off guard.

Ross said...

I guess I just had the cartoon version's voice in my head and that's why it was s jarring.

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