Saturday, July 17, 2010

Batman and Speedy

Speedy is a character that is currently being put through the wringer. First he drops his own identity to become Red Arrow, a virtual carbon copy of his mentor. Then his young child is killed and he loses his arm. That was enough to turn me off to his mini-series, and I am glad I did because in it he apparently went back on drugs and was so out of it he was using dead cats as weapons. Ugh. Sometimes I wonder what editorial is thinking over at good old DC. Yes, I know this is probably leading to some redemption story down the line, but does it have to be such an ugly path getting there?

This cover utilized some Murphy Anderson art, one of my all time favorite inkers. here's Murphy's inks over Irv Novick from a Flash issue:

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Bruce said...

Quick! In a flash, rather. What happened to Pablo?

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