Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Batman and Red Tornado (Ma Hunkel)

The well known B&B cover which featured Batman protecting his new "partner", The Joker, was ripe for a re-do in this project, it was just a matter of finding the right character to replace the clown prince of crime with. When a buddy of mine requested Ma Hunkel, the original Red Tornado from the Golden Age, I thought it was just offbeat enough to work. Unfortunately there weren't a whole lot of images to work with, but I think I found a couple to fit the bill

I have to give Geoff Johns props again for finding a useful purpose for Ma Hunkel in todays continuity by making her the caretaker of the current Justice Society's headquarters, as well as being an inspiration to her granddaughter, Cyclone.


CATR's Chris said...

I think Ma Hunkel is a great character. If anything, she's unique and that's what makes her interesting.

Randy said...

Makes me wonder what the heck she did that the police are gunning for her.

CATR's Chris said...

Maybe a fashion crime?

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