Sunday, July 18, 2010

Batman and Spider-Girl

Spider-Girl has been one character that just won't stay down. She was originally introduced as a one shot character in an issue of What If?, and soon graduated to her own title. More than once she has been rescued from cancellation due to the dedication of her followers. Her self titled series has recently been cancelled once again and a new Spider-Girl series is set to begin, set in current continuity and featuring the character formerly known as Arana in the lead role. I have a feeling that despite this change in fortunes, the original Spider-Girl will reclaim her title before too long.


Rick said...

I agree. I don't think Arana will be embraced by the Spider-girl fans. Part of her appeal is that she is Peter and Mary Jane's daugther. Maybe if Marvle waited a few years longer. Then Mayday Parker's memory might be less.

Ross said...

No Photoshop here, Just MS Paint. I never put fake numbers in, whatever numbers appear are the numbers of the issues I used the top parts of the covers from. I don't mind them being random because I just want these covers to look like a cool random comic that the viewer stumbles upon and never knew existed.

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