Monday, July 19, 2010

Batman and Spider-Man

Spider-Man the film franchise is about to be rebooted. The new guy they picked certainly looks the role, hopefully he will have the acting chops. I can understand the desire to cast younger and set the tale back in the high school years, but I hope they don't tread over too much ground that Raimi already covered. Raimi teased us with Doc Connors for three movies, but we never got to see the Lizard, so I hope that character is on the short list of villains to use.

Spider-Man, like Batman, is one of those characters that every artist seems to want to draw at least once. Here is a page by one of my favorite Spidey artists - the vastly underrated Lee Weeks:

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Robby Reed said...

I enjoy your site very much. You do excellent Photoshop work. It's really seamless. One small suggestion: When you number the fake covers, don't use random numbers. Start at 100 or wherever and proceed using your OWN numbering, and the current month as well. Just my two cents. -- Robby Reed

Ross said...
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