Friday, July 9, 2010

Batman and Robocop

Thia is one team up that I would actually like to see in live action! I have heard rumors that the Robocop film franchise is in development for a return, and I hope it happens. It would be interesting to see him back on the screen with today's special effects. I still remember going to see the first movie at a drive-in theater. The sound broke down halfway through and when we went to complain, we found that the owners had left for the night! It would be a couple of years before I heard the complete movie.


CATR's Chris said...

Ahhh, esta sí que sería una gran sorpresa!

Rick said...

And people want to know why the drive-in theater is dying. If the owners don't care then why should we? I like Robo Cop but it reminds me of 8th Man. Why can't they make a movie out of him?

Ross said...

I didn't know they still had drive-in these days! Robocop was the last movie I ever saw at one.

I wasn't familiar with 8th Man so I checked out some Youtube clips - looks cool!

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