Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Batman and Spider-Man (Black Suit)

Almost every major hero has had a major costume makeover, and they almost always snap back to their traditional looks soon enough. A few years pass and the alternate looks appear even more dated and unattractive (Like Electric Superman or Daredevil with armor). We seem to be going through this now with Wonder Woman, I will be surprised if her new costume lasts in its current form for more than 18 months.

Spider-Man's black costume is a notable exception. As crazy as changing such an iconic costume sounded, lost of fans (myself included) had to admit that the now look was pretty cool. Of course the costume, obtained on an alien planet, was revealed to be sentient and eventually begat the villain Venom. Venom is an OK villain but I always liked the black suited look more on Peter Parker, and I am glad that Marvel has decided to bring it back from time to time. I'd never want it to replace his traditional togs, but every once in a while it's cool to change out the costumes.

No black suit, but here's a Spider-Man page by Steve McNiven, another artist who doeas a great rendition of the wall-crawler:

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Rick said...

I actually prefer the first costume. I never did like the black one. But I can understand why artist prefer it. Spider-man's costume is perhaps the most detailed costume to draw. The all black made it easier. Also, Spidey is a creature of the night and black blends into the shadow better then bright red and blue. So it would be better for his crimefighting. Still the red and blue looks better to me.

On Smash said...

You know Spidey would make a great addition to the Outsiders more so than the Avengers.

Ross said...

I agree - Spider-Man (and Wolverine for that matter) just seems out of place in the Avengers.

BLESSD1 said...

I love the cover. The quip is something I could see Spidey saying. Great job!

Ross said...

Thanks - when I saw the Batman image on a World's Finest cover, the rest instantly appeared in my mind's eye - it was just a matter of finding the Spidey image and signal.

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