Saturday, December 9, 2023

Doctor Strange and The Terrifics


I don't keep up with many titles these days, opting to trade wait if something gets really great reviews.  One series I did pick up in total was The Terrifics.  A great cast of characters involved in old school comic action is what the title provided, and it was a fun read.  It's too bad the series was canceled, but with the rumors that James Gunn is looking to bring them to the big screen as part of the DCU, hopefully they will get another chance down the line.


Detective Tobor said...

They were Strange and Terrific, but their downfall was holding the DC banner. No one knows how many times the DC universe has been revised now, or how long this version will cast its shadow. Perhaps Dr Strange and the Phantom Stranger will see the way to a longer lasting tomorrow. It is whispered in legend that you must be strange and stranger than those around you.

Jack_Acid said...

Terrifics was a fun title. It reminded me of the Ultimates² series by Al Ewing. They were an odd cast poking at the edges of the the DC universe. Dr Strange would for right in, but i think the FF would be a great team up too

Kid Charlemagne said...

Alas, lack of income forced me to quit keeping up with superhero comics in 2007, so I don't know much about the Terrifics, although I am familiar with the individual characters.

Were they a tribute to/parody of the Fantastic Four?

--Scientific genius leading the team
--Female member can turn intangible (not the same as invisible, but rather close)
--Powerful, inhuman-looking guy with very human personality
--This suggestion might break down with Plastic Man, who doesn't really map onto Johnny Storm (indeed, he has much the same powers as Reed Richards), though "Eel" and Johnny do have somewhat similar personalities.

Oh, and what's Tinya doing in this century? ^_^

Steve said...

At least Gunn's humor won't be forced on this team.

Gene said...

Stopped reading DC comics after too many Universe revamps (I was fine before Crisis) now only picking up occasional graphic novel. Shutting down the JSA was start of end for me,

I was able to read the Terrifics online and thought it was a good book with Mr. Terrific from JSA a natural leader.

Jack_Acid said...

Yes very much built the same as the FF, and the same science explorer vibe. A fun read if you find them cheap or at the library

Ben W said...

Yeah, from what I hear, the idea formed when Marvel was not putting out a Fantastic Four comic, so someone at DC said, "Well, if they won't do it, why don't we?" So they picked a few characters that approximated the FF's powers and personalities, even if they were mix and matched, and viola! The way I see it, Metamorpho could be seen as matching the power of both the Thing AND the Human Torch, though his personality is obviously similar to Ben. Mr. Terrific having no powers balances that out, with him being the genius/inventor in charge, even having a similar name. And to answer your last question, this Phantom Girl was supposed to be a present-day ancestor of Tinya.

Anonymous said...

@Kid Charlemagne: more like her 21st century ancestor. Similar to Brainiac 5's great-grandfather becoming part of L.E.G.I.O.N. (post-Dominion Invasion).

@Det. Tobor, Jack Acid, & Ross: you know who might also fit in as part of a team-up with the Terrifics? That French paranormalist, Martin Mystere! The thing to bring them together? The "mystery" of why Java betrayed Martin by kidnapping his wife/teammate Diana Lombard.*

*Perhaps while visiting Metropolis to see her sportswriter-cousin Steve Lombard.

Carycomic said...

I'm still hoping to see The Terrifics and the Incredibles. Maybe for next Xmas?


simon said...

i really enjoyed the Terrific’s though i was told that the final few issues were only available on line which at the time i didn’t have,
and cannot find them now ( same thing with Supergirl) , so just this hint of another story makes me Happy !

Anonymous said...

I just hope Michael Holt and his late wife's widowed counterpart are still a couple. Which reminds me: how about a team-up between Dr. Strange and his Golden Age counterpart; Hugo "Doc" Strange? If memory serves, he was the inspiration for Tom Strong (the science hero of the DC imprint, America's Best Comics).

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