Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Green Lantern and Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot


Hopefully the failure of The Flash won't slow down DCU properties in development like the MAX Lanterns series, but I suspect it will.  DC's already had one unsuccessful attempt to get the world of Green Lantern into live action so they really have to get it right when they try again.  Announcements on that show have gone quite, however. I'm thinking that James Gunn probably wants to make  sure that Superman: Legacy is as good as it can be before concentration on expanding the universe outward from there, which is as it should be.


Carycomic said...

In other words, Gunn doesn't want to shoot his mouth off?*

Seriously, though: I still liked the Ryan Reynolds version of Green Lantern a lot better than his Deadpool sequel. In fact, I'll even go so far as to irreversibly state that Ezra Miller's acting as the Flash, at its worst, was still 10x better than Reynolds' acting, at its best, in DP2!

I guess versatility, like fame, can be a fickle thing for actors. What helps them shine in one role doesn't automatically make them just as brilliant in another.

*Sorry, Mr. Greenwade. It was too good to resist. ;-)

Bob Greenwade said...

This is a great cover! If GL Matt Murdock were to take over the duties of keeping Big Guy's suit going, then the two of them could team up with Iron Beetle....

@Cary: Don't worry. For me, the most infamous case of shooting one's mouth off is Maximilien Robespierre.

Simreeve said...

This cover reminds me of one of the full-page pictures, foreshadowing stories that now never were to be published, from the 24th-&-final issue of the just-pre-Flashpoint 'Batgirl' series _ Babs appeared as a GL, in a green energy battlesuit like that (with Steph as a Blue Lantern, & Damien as a Red Lantern).


Bob Greenwade said...
"@Cary: Don't worry. For me, the most infamous case of shooting one's mouth off is Maximilien Robespierre."

And then there was ( :D

Detective Tobor said...

reminds me of Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E.y.

Carycomic said...

I think any further expansion of the DCEU will have to wait a lot longer than he--James Gunn--might have initially anticipated. It's for sure, now. SAG-AFTRA is going on strike, too!


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