Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wonder Woman and The Wasp

I first took notice of Cliff Chiang's artwork in the Josie Mac backups he did for Detective Comics, and I became an instant fan.  He has a great, clean design sense and he has the ability to depict characters with realistic proportions who nonetheless come off as heroic.  His work on DC's Dr. Thirteen really let him show his versatility, with so many disparate characters.  Chiang also draws some of the best looking women in comics currently, I love his takes on Wonder Woman, Zatanna and the Black Canary especially.


AirDave said...

It's Vandal Savage, right? The guy on the floor is Vandal Savage...?

Awesome team-up. I'm sure Jan will offer fashion advice to Diana!

Anonymous said...

Nice Work !

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