Monday, June 24, 2013

Changeling and Wolverine

I always liked the moment in X-Men and The New Teen Titans where these two characters meet and Changeling comments on their shared name.  At that point, Wolverine's origins were still shrouded in mystery, and that quick exchange sent my mind wandering - there's gotta be a story there, right?


AirDave said...

Now that's interesting!

I've always wondered why Gar went back to using Beast Boy, and didn't keep the Changeling name. Was there some copyright or licensing issue over the name?

Anonymous said...

"Beast Boy" might be considered a more "self-explanatory" name for the Saturday Morning Cartoon set than "Changeling", I'm thinking (Go Teen Titans!). What ever will make it easier to push the merchandise at Toys R Us!

Bob said...

The first X-Men/Star Trek crossover had a similar moment when the Beast and Bones both turned around after Nurse Chapel yelled, "Dr. McCoy!"

Here are some thoughts for the future: the original Starman (Ted Knight) with Ted Baxter (from the Mary Tyler Moore Show); the orignal Robotman (Bob Crane) with Hogan's Heroes; or Robby Reed (Dial H For Hero) with the Brady Bunch (think about it).

Bob Greenwade said...

I recall these two characters meeting in the X-Men/Teen Titans crossover back in the day. Wolvie found BB to be mostly annoying:

BB: "Kitty says your name's Logan. Do you think we might be related?"

Wolvie: "Kitty talks to flamin' much."

That was a cool character moment, and this would be an equally awesome story.

Captain Blog said...

Flippin' genius.
Not enough is said about your wonderful, silver age-esque humor that captures the feel of the period you are conveying.
God Bless you and your perverse world view!

k3ttch said...

I read a fanfiction once about the extended Drake family reunion featuring Black Canary, Robin III, and Iceman.

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