Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spawn Vs. Venom

Todd McFarlane had done some DC work that I was aware of with Infinity Inc. and the Invasion! mini-series, but it wasn't until he exploded on to the Spider-Man titles that I really began to take notice of his work.  His experimentation with panel layouts and character design propelled Spidey to new heights and really struck a chord with comic fans in the middle of the 90's boom.  I've been impressed with McFarlane's work with various movie and sports related action figures as well.  He has really elevated the art form there.


AirDave said...

McFarlane's work on Infinity, Inc. was just AMAZING! I've never read his adjectiveless Spider-Man; but I did follow Spawn through the first 32 issues. I still have the first dozen. Image was an interesting novelty when it started. I really like reading the letters page of comics. I miss them in DC and Marvel comics; I'm pretty sure it was the rants in the Spawn letters page that turned me off on the book and McFarlane.

Anonymous said...


Valerie Wiez said...

Ironically, Image Comics seems to have gone back to its roots and the company is putting out some unique and groundbreaking titles. Their books are not getting media attention because of all the noise and flash emitted from Marvel & DC (The New 52, Marvel Now, Avengers v. X-Men, Blackest Night Saga) but I encourage all of you to check out the Image line. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

- Valerie Wiez

Anonymous said...

They just had original daredevil meet savage dragon

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