Saturday, June 15, 2013

Superman Vs. Galactus

I saw Man of Steel last night and I was thoroughly entertained.  The cast was top notch and Henry Cavill I felt was perfect in the lead role. Michael Shannon made for a great Zod as well. The Superman/Lois relationship is handled quite differently here, but I didn't mind this slight change to the mythos.  The Krypton scenes were amazing and I loved that they borrowed elements from artists like John Byrne for the set and costume design.    Superman's two fathers as played by Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner both put their hearts into their roles, and it showed.  The effects were amazing, especially the flying scenes.  Fans complained that Superman did not actually fight anybody in his last theatrical outing and that certainly is not the case here.  If I have a complaint, it's about the scale of destruction in the final hour of the film.  Metropolis seems to be pretty much leveled and the death toll must be in the millions, but nobody seems to notice.  Clark Kent shows up for work a couple of days later and it's like nothing happened.  How is there even a Daily Planet to go to at that point?  I'd like to have seen either more evacuation scenes earlier on (so when giant buildings topple it doesn't mean the deaths of thousands) or some scenes of Superman helping with the rebuilding.  Still, all in all, I thought it was a blast of a film and if this is truly the kick off to a larger DC movie universe, they are on the right track.


AirDave said...

I'm guess that Kal is trapped on a planet with a red sun here.

Awesome cover.

Man of Steel is doing some very heavy lifting. The Batman films can not generate excitement for a Justice League movie. Green Lantern could have, but didn't. Hopefully Man of Steel can set everything up for Justice League.

artemus dada said...

Very good work ; Quitely & Moebius is "parfaite alchimie".

Thank you !

Isaac said...

Ah, I thought that was Moebius' handiwork. I can only imagine Galactus' reaction in the next scene, "The ultimate nullfier ... in the hands of a kryptonian?" Man, Kirby & Lee would have a field day with that scenario!

John Small said...

Have to disagree with your comments about "Man Of Steel." I found it the least entertaining "Superman" movie I've ever seen - and I've seen 'em all. The acting was good, as you say, but in the words of my son "the story sucked."

Captain Blog said...

I found your cover to be much more entertaining than the 'Man of Steel'.
They lost me from the moment Clark's father suggested that letting others die to protect his secret was a good idea.
Try to imagine that scenario in the 'Adventures of Superboy' series of the early 80's.
A little more thought could have made it tolerable but that's about it.
Your covers and excellent humor, on the other hand are top notch!

Anonymous said...

I remember the special intercompany crossover where Superman thought Galactus had destroyed Krypton! Supes got drafted to replace Norrin Radd. Leading to involvement by the FF and Hank "Cyborg-Superman" Henshaw.

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