Friday, May 17, 2013

Sgt. Rock and Sgt. Fury

I already had Sgt. Rock pair up with Nick Fury from his S.H.I.E.L.D. era, but this is the meeting that I would really like to see.  I can imagine them freeing their respective companies and the final act being a huge free for all against the forces of H.Y.D.R.A. and The Iron Major... all culminating in an arm wrestling match between  Bulldozer and Dum Dum Dugan. Now that's a comic that will put hair on your chest!


Scott said...

Very nice! Unfortunately, "sergeants" is misspelled. :(

pblfsda said...

"...the meeting that I would really like to see." No, this is the meeting EVERYONE would like to see. And if they had a narrow deadline for the mission, you could call it "No Time For Sergeants!"

Now, if you're using the WWII period then it would probably be Baron Strucker and the Iron Major, no?

pblfsda said...

Hey, I just checked your 'labels' for WWII characters and didn't notice the Haunted Tank, which I could have sworn you've used before. If not, how about matching them with the Desert Peach?

Ross said...

pblfsda - There are a couple of Haunted tank covers in here - listed under THE Haunted Tank, so check the "T" section of the labels.

Who the heck is the Desert Peach?

pblfsda said...

D'ohh-- found the Tank label!

The Desert Peach was the creation of Donna Barr, who had previously done Stinz for Eclipse's "The Dreamery" and other anthropomorphics for smaller indie publishers. Desert Peach, however, was all human and set in WWII. It was the nickname for Rommel's flamboyant younger brother whom Rommel kept out of the camps by putting him in charge of a group of misfit soldiers, a unit where discipline problems are sent to be forgotten. Sort of like the Howlers. The Peach obviously didn't sympathize with the Nazis (they'd have killed him if they knew he was gay), but he also couldn't just turn himself over to the Allies because that would make life impossible for his brother. It had the kind of historical accuracy you'd get from Kanigher scripts (or better), plus a little humor.

Isaac said...

Joe Kubert & John Severin. What a team that would be.
An alternate title for this could be Sergeants Slaughter!

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