Monday, May 20, 2013

Batman and the Outsiders Join The Secret Wars

I had some hope that an ongoing Katana series was going to lead to the introduction of The Outsiders into the New 52, but it doesn't look like that is in the cards just yet.  I really loved the original line up of the team as presented by co-creators Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo and it would be great to see them all together again.

Marvel's Secret Wars was a cool comic to read, as we were seeing all of Marvel's biog characters in one sweeping story.  These days, Marvel has so many team books and the lines between Avenger, X-Man and solo hero have been blurred so much that seeing all their characters interacting is hardly unique any more.  It's going to be hard to recapture some of that earlier magic.



You said it perfectly Ross. That fateful summer in 1985 (?) where my 7th grade friends and I witnessed Crisis on Infinite Earths and Secret Wars 1 & 2 (Marvel's attempts to compete with the 12 issue year long Crisis, some of my friends argued) really changed industry for good and bad. I don't know about Marvel, but DC arguably hasn't had a company-wide cross-over event on the same level since- and they have had a lot: Legends, Invasion, Infinite Crisis, all of them crap until Geof Johns arrived with Darkest Night, which was awesome.

Bob Greenwade said...

This is a very fine cover, and I hope we can see more of each company's characters jumping into the other's Big Events. We could have the Defenders falling into the Crisis on Infinite Earths, for example.

(And of course that would eventually bring up yet another excuse to bring Access into things... yes, I'm eager to see him here some time!)

Isaac said...

The Trionic Trio had it right. Most of these DC crossovers have sucked badly. Every new crisis or whatever seemed to suck all the fun out of DC's characters. I don't know why they even try. I've just about given up reading the stuff 'cuz it's so alien and boring to me now. How about a crisis to fix all these other crises and re-boot the classic DC universe. As Bush 41 would say... not gonna happen! Anyhoo, how about Thor joining the DC universe for the War of the Gods crossover.

Paper said...

Isaac, DC tried to make lightning strike twice, and they have consistently FAILED since 1986. Trionic is correct about Geof John's Darkest Night Saga, and later Brightest Day, however, but it sure took them long enough. Marvel's House of M, World War Hulk, Civil Wars, Zombie Saga, etc., I think were more creative, if a bit tiresome. Its just NOT a big deal anymore when titles or even Companies crossover. Honestly, who would really care if Justic League Dark teamed up with with Dark Avengers? ZZzzzzzz.

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