Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jonah Hex Vs. Man-Thing

There are plenty of cowboy characters in comics, but one has always risen to the top for me, and that's Jonah Hex.  Part of it was his cool disfigured look and cranky attitude that made him stand apart from more traditional western stars.  Then there was the fact that Hex fit in better with the overall DC Universe, as he was no stranger to time travel or the occasional guest appearance in a superhero title.  Finally, he is a character that seems to bring out the best in artists, and always seemed to have very exciting, eye-catching covers.  That was true back in the day with masters like Nick Cardy and JL Garcia Lopez, and today we have modern greats like Darwyn Cooke and Jordi Bernet to carry on the tradition.


Anonymous said...

Hi there.
I haven't been visiting this blog for some time and I just wanted to thank you for Animal Man vs Kraven cover I once asked for, it's great and it was nice to see it among all the others, when I went through the last few pages.

Isaac said...

Wow, he IS uglier than Jonah! Now how about a team up of Bat Lash and Rawhide Kid or Pow Wow Smith and the original Ghost Rider?

Ed said...

I couldn't believe how bad Hollywood screwed up Jonah Hex. I don't understand how they could write and produce such a stinkbomb, and then say no one bought a ticket because they didn't want to see Megan Fox, like it was her fault somehow.

Anyway, interesting cover. I find myself wondering if Hex would burn at the Man Thing's touch? He's been in about a hundred gunfights, so I'm not sure he knows fear.

Isaac said...

Hey, I just thought of a perfect team up. Jonah Hex and Two Face! How about it!

Ross said...

Interesting, but they are both from DC..

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