Saturday, February 23, 2013

Zatanna and Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange seems to be one of the characters next on the horizon for Marvel's movie universe, and it is going to be interesting to see where they go with the property.  I have been pretty impressed with their casting so far, and I'm trying to think of what direction they will be going with as far as who will be portraying Stephen Strange.  Viggo Mortenson would be a cool choice, if they don't mind casting a bit older as they did with Iron Man.  Whoever they cast is going to have to be able to make Strange's mystical incantations sound cool, and he did well with the Tolkein dialogue he was give as Aragorn.


Diabolu Frank said...

I'd like them to cast John Cho. Guy's recognizable and has the chops, it would get back to Steve Ditko's original design, and it would diversify the Marvel movie universe. I'm more excited about Dr. Strange than any of the other upcoming movies, but I'm also the most apprehensive about it, because the comics haven't managed to get the character remotely right more often than not in ages. Brian K. Vaughn came the closest with "The Vow," though.

Anonymous said...

have king kong vs iron giant godzilla and firestorm also omega the unknown with omega men transformers metal men would be cool

Rip Jagger said...

I've always assumed Doc was a bit older than the average Marvel superhero, so an older actor would be ideal to my mind.

Rip Off

Anonymous said...

Word of God has stated Dr. Strange was Vincent Price from the start. They even modeled his body language and gestures on him. When The Venture Brothers created their Dr. Strange parody, Dr. Orpheus , they went very heavy on the Vincent Price aspect.
But of course, Vincent Price can't play the part now. But that was the original design and concept. I don't think an acting style that theatrical and flamboyant would fit with the current feel of Marvel movies.

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