Sunday, February 10, 2013

Man-Thing in Dagobah

Like most Star Wars fans, I am looking forward to the new films and having old favorites like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker back up one the big screen.  I know that decades have passed and age is a factor, but I still would prefer a script set around the original characters than one where new characters dominate the action.  Fortunately, the non-Human characters like Chewbacca and the Droids are much easier to bring back, so I hope that means we can count on them getting a lot of screen time.  Sure, they may have to add some wisps of grey to Chewie's coat and explain how a couple of robots built with 60 year old technology would still be able to keep up, but that's no reason for them not to have their moment in the spotlight again!


artemus dada said...

Very good idea !

Anonymous said...

yoda howard the duck sequal to this

GrayPumpkin said...

I'd love for the old favorites to be featured, but I hope they focus on the next generation. Star Wars is ultimately for kids, not that we can't enjoy it, but we love Star Wars because what it meant to us as children. A bunch geezers getting out breath running from stormtroopers is not going to appeal to kids.
I'm with you on Chewie and the Droids, though I think Star Wars doesn't need to explain why older droids can't keep up, software/hardware concerns are for Sci-Fi, not Sci-fantasy.

Isaac said...

Great team up Ross, seeing as how Disney owns both properties. Maybe you've put an idea in some studio exec's head.

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