Friday, February 1, 2013

Tarzan and Ka-Zar

Talk about a couple of overachievers!  As if living in the jungle and fending off attacks from lions, tigers and crocodiles in only a loincloth didn't make them tough enough, they both regularly seemed to be going toe to toe with dinosaurs as well!  It's a good thing they have their trusty knives on them at all times (how do you think that they always keep their faces so clean shaven?)


artemus dada said...

Tarzan + Pellucidar = Tarzan at the Earth's Core and obviously : Ka-zar

David McRobie said...

in the first Tarzan book he learns how to shave himself with that trusty knife of his father's. not sure about Ka-Zar.

and where's Zabu? great cover!

Anonymous said...

radioactive man bongo/simpsons vs radioactive man marvel also phantom and phantom lady

Richard Guion said...

Brilliant combination here! Love the Buscema art you have chosen.

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