Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Justice League of America and Madman

I always got a kick out of "initiation issues" in team comics.  Like comic book weddings, bringing a new member on board a team never seemed to go without a hitch. It was interesting to see how the existing members would react to the new addition.  Usually, the new teammate would have to step up and prove their worth by issue's end by overcoming impossible odds or their own personal demons.  When I was a kid growing up and trying to fit in with various groups, it was nice to see that even superheroes  could struggle to find their place and  be accepted.


Anonymous said...

cool concept how bout the tick and ambush bug trying to be avengers or green hornet shadow and spider trying for jsa

Anonymous said...

i forgot to add zorro with jsa and how bout miss fury and catwoman meet also magnus xo and bloodshot try for defenders or outsiders

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

That's a pretty cool cover!

One of my favorite issues of the Bronze Age Justice League of America is the issue where they tried to recruit Black Lightning. It did not go very well.

In hindsight, the League come off as jerks for not just inviting him to join, but pretty much hazing him; and his flat refusal to join.

One of the greatest teams was Batman's Outsiders: Black Lightning and Metamorpho. The only thing that could have made that better would have been The Creeper and Plastic Man.

It's nice to see a more diverse league, but it still is not as equal as it could be...

I would like to see J'onn return as the more ethnic character he sounded like on the animated series and looked like on Smallville. I would believe an origin revamp that included Black Canary, Captain Marvel and Plastic Man as founders. I could see Plas and The Big Red Cheese like Batman and Superman - taking out a separate alien from the rest of the team.

I was just re-reading Waid's JLA: Year One, and I like how Black Canary was the link back to the JSA. Throw in Wonder Woman like in the animated series and I'm good!

Ross said...

I would keep Plas out. The League only needs one stetchy guy and that's Elongated Man.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would love to see Madman meet Mad Men. Now that would be a story worth telling.

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