Thursday, February 21, 2013

Black Canary and Conan

Well, if Green Arrow is going to have a wandering eye, you can't really blame Black Canary for having a little fun on the side as well.

Dinah Lance can be currently be seen Laurel Lance on the series Arrow, but she doesn't bear much resemblance to the fishnet-sporting super-heroine just yet.  Still, they have established that she is somewhat adept at martial arts, so the seeds have been planted for her to develop into the character we know from the comics.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has made his return to movies, and one of his upcoming projects is going to be a new Conan film.  It seems like a crazy idea at his age, but maybe with a good script and some time in the gym, the producers and director can actually make it work.  It will be interesting to see what becomes of the project.


Anonymous said...

ross check out the new vibe series at dc it looks great specially old dc cameos by gypsy and pariah make me think somehow we will see old dc coming back at some point also id like crime syndicate vs squadron supreme or hyperion meets supreme

Ed said...

A Schwarzenegger Conan movie can work, but only if he is Conan the King.

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