Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thor and Kamandi

It's been a while since I did an all-Kirby cover and I can't believe I missed one of the most obvious pairings yet!  These two guys look like they could be related, and indeed, that's what I based my concept around. I am glad that the Marvel movies are bringing new attention to some of Kirby's characters, as his world of imagination deserves to be introduced to a new generation of fans.  Hopefully we will see more of his work translated to the big screen - a live action Kamandi or New Gods film would be epic, and not such a crazy idea as they might have seemed 10-15 years ago.


Bob Buethe said...

Another nice one. Although I would have titled it "The Blond Leading the Blond."

Anonymous said...

hercules and herculoids,fathom and sub mariner also mr t amd mr spock or red she hulk and wonder woman

Bob Greenwade said...

I guess I'm the first commenter to note what Thor says to Kamandi. Nice way to fit in a wry reference... and I love those kinds of things!

And it is also cool seeing an all-Kirby issue. I'm not keen on saying that Thor and Kamandi are brothers, but if I were writing it I'd go with it only to have it turn out to have been a mistake.

Ross said...

What can I say, I'm a sucker for heretofore unknown familial relations. These won't the last separated siblings to be reunited.

Glad you caught the quote!

Ed said...

Kamandi I believe was created due to the popularity of the Planet of the Apes films. With the success of the last film coupled with all the doomsday talk, I don't understand why it isn't a film already.

Great cover, Kirby was a genius.

Worldmusic said...

Granted, I am a die-hard, tried and true Jim Aparo fan, but even I recognize the 20th Century Genius that was Jack Kirby. More than any artist, I believe he DEFINED the american art form that came to be modern comic book/graphic novel. His work should have retrospectives in galleries and be discussed in university lecture halls.

Dandy Forsdyke said...

Bob Greenwade said "I'm not keen on saying that Thor and Kamandi are brothers, but if I were writing it I'd go with it only to have it turn out to have been a mistake."


They both share the same cosmic hairdresser? :-)

pblfsda said...

@Worldmusic: Actually, I'm pretty sure Kirby's work was the subject of a retrospective at the Words and Pictures Museum back in the 90's. I'd also expect his penchant for creating whole races of godlike superbeings has made him a topic in more than a few undergraduate folklore classes.

Kamandi would work better as an ongoing cable series than a feature film. You would need a lot of time to get the sense of scale and variety of the world after the Cataclysm. Now we need a network that won't object to a 14-ish boy running around shirtless and carrying a sidearm.

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