Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Justice League of America Vs. The Hulk

The JLA has a wide variety of character types - street level heroes, champions from other worlds, detectives, scientists and space cops.  What they have never really had on their team is a loose cannon character, like The Hulk.  Sure, Green Arrow could be stubborn, but he never really got that out of control.  It would have been interesting to see how old jade jaws would have fit in among some of the more straight laced members of the Justice League.  Something tells me they wouldn't leave him alone for monitor duty!  It won't be too long before everyone gets to see The Hulk in a team situation, when The Avengers hits the big screen. I trust that Joss Whedon will utilize him well.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Wow! This kicks @$$! Literally!

One of my favorite reads was the first Ultimates series. Yeah, it was a bit mature and dark, but Marvel has been using the Ultimate approach to The Hulk, maybe Thor and Cap, too. Can't wait to see how Ruffalo and the Avatar-tech works in The Avengers next summer.

I just picked up the new 52 Justice League #4. As a long-time fan of the League, I like this relaunch, except for it being Martian Manhunter-less. Aquaman has been amped up a bit; and while Vic Stone will ALWAYS be a Teen Titan, I think he will be used by Johns and Lee.

Johns seems to be letting Superman and cut loose a little, too.

Looking at the cover, I'm surprised Ralph couldn't take Jade Jaws out by smothering him...maybe inside...

Anonymous said...


1) The Justice Society and The Invaders.

2)Cyborg and Voltron

Rick L. Phillips said...

Wouldn't Guy Gardner count as a loose cannon member?

Ross said...

Yeah, but I'm thinking of the Pre-Crisis JLA.

Justin S. Davis said...

Whenever I get bummed about my hobbies, your blog rekindles my love of comics AND super-heroic rpgs.

You are doing The Lord's work!

Anonymous said...

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Neil Anderson said...

I love your new format--here's some requests:

Spider-Man and Nightshade (I'm the guy who kept nagging you to do an all-Aparo Batman/Nightshade, but you couldn't get the Nightshade art, but w/ Spiderman you could do an all-Ditko cover.

Batman and "Freedoms' Five" (seen in one great panel in Invaders # 7 or 8--you could do an all Frank Robbins cover!

The Watchmen and the original action hero era Captain Atom, BB, Nightshade, Pete Cannon Thunderbolt, Sarge Steel, and Question--it would be a pain I know, but I'd love to see it!

Neil Anderson

Scott Bryan said...

I love the new direction! This will be fun!

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