Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Batman and Xena, Warrior Princess

I remember getting a kick out of watching Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and my favorite episodes were always the ones in which Lucy Lawless would guest star as Xena.  I was of course very glad then when Xena got her own spin-off series.  Sure the show could be corny and campy at times, but the beautiful New Zealand setting as well as the strength of its main actress kept me watching throughout the entire series run.  One thing the show proved to me is that there is no reason a live action Wonder Woman could not be successful again.  There have been a few projects featuring the Amazon princess that have had trouble getting off the ground in the past few years... perhaps they could have been well served by looking to Xena for inspiration.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Cool cover!
I never got into Herc or Xena. I did see Lucy Lawless in Spartacus. (O_O), um...WOW.

The thing I wonder about Wonder Woman is apart from a war, what is the purpose for her leaving Themyscira or Paradise Island and the insulated world of the Amazons? What does she bring to "Man's World"?

The JL cartoon tied her origin right into the League's forming.

So...I'm wondering what kind of conflict would draw her. Maybe Ares unleashed and bringing the world to the brink of another world war?

pblfsda said...

Unfortunately, one of the strengths of the Wonder Woman origin is that you can always count on there being warfare out there somewhere for a heroine to confront with the wisdom and dicipline of an ancient civilization. It's something that translates easily to different times and cultures, like being the last member of an advanced civilation that collapsed starting over in the humdrum real world.

VSacred said...

Does anybody know WHERE I could find this?? I absolutely need it, my Batman&Xena geekness demands it.

Anonymous said...

heh....Batman The Barbarian! Was there ever an Elseworlds for this scenario?

Anonymous said...

I know its waayyyy too late to request a Batman Meets The X-Files. But it sure would have been cool to see the Dark Knight Detective and Agents Mulder & Scully get to the bottom of an bizarre, extra-terrestrial mystery.

Michael Jones said...

Love the Cover's title.

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