Thursday, December 1, 2011

Batman and The Viking Prince

A pretty obscure character today, but I figured as one of the original stars of The Brave and the Bold (predating the Batman team up era), the Viking Prince deserved and inclusion here. Of course, the fact that his adventures were illustrated by the incomparable Joe Kubert makes him even more appealing to me.  DC recently released a collection of all of the Viking Prince stories and I highly recommend it for any fans of  swashbuckling action  and top notch artwork.


Anonymous said...

Great site! I read it every day.

It would be great if you showed the original source covers along with the mash-up version.

PS Your photo manips are flawless!

-Robby Reed

Ross said...

Thanks, Robbie - your blog is a favorite of mine, too. I am looking forward to its return next year. I have considered showing the original covers, but I prefer to keep the illusion that the Lost issues are actual comics that folks somehow missed... besides its fun to try and figure out where the images originated from.

black&yellow said... about another tutorial then, Ross. The last one with The Thing was pretty nice. Question: Is MS Paint still the best way to do this, in your opinion? Any other processes in the horizon?

Ross said...

I'm sure Photoshop is easier. I plan on sticking with MS Paint for now though, as one of the mission statements of this blog is to show what can be done with a basic program.

I have to save images as I go for another tutorial, so I don't have one ready to show. The steps remain pretty much the same from what I outlined earlier, so I wouldn't have much new to add anyway.

Jack Brando said...

This is the best. It is one of the best comic blogs out there. i am now a follower and look forward to the next bunch of amalgam covers. Very creative. Thanks!

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