Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Batman and Marvelman (Retro)

Marvelman is one of the comics I would most like to read and have not gotten the chance to.  I've read great things about  the character, especially the stories in which he was renamed Miracleman. These tales have been tied up with legal issues for years, preventing any reprints from being produced.  The original issues have skyrocketed in price as a result.  In recent years much has been written about Marvel Acquiring the rights to the character (meaning use of the Marvelman name is no longer a problem), but thus far I have only seen some of his most early adventures collected. Hopefully whatever legal red tape remains will be unraveled soon and the rest of his tales can be brought back to the market.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

That is a very cool cover! Very Captain Marvel looking Marvelman there!

I've only heard of the modern age Marvelman. Maybe when he was called Miracleman. I always thought he was a Bronze or Modern Age creation...Was he a Golden Age hero like Captain Marvel?

diana green said...

Marvelman was a British copy of Captain Marvel. He was retconned by Alan Moore in a revolutionary run in the early 80s. The run has never been reprinted.
Mick Anglo, the original creator of the character, passed away recently. It's unclear what effect, if any, this will have on the long-overdue reprint of this comic.
I like this cover, with its Rear Window setup. Your usual nice work! I'm curious to see how you handle the Miracleman crossover.

Ross said...

I do have a more modern Marvelman cover waiting in the wings... but it's part of the new series, which won't start until after Christmas.

Anonymous said...

love it when the cover are as unexpected as this!!!

Justin S. Davis said... gotta do Alan Moore's SUPREME!

While the covers were mostly "1990s-style", each issue had "retro-style" flashback stories.

You could get a ton of mileage out of that comic, methinks.

Ross said...

I loved Moore's Supreme, but the 90's covers are pretty unattractive. The flashback stories are great, but I haven't seen many scans of them online.

Four Color Promises said...

Actually issues 1-22 were collected by Eclipse into four separate volumes. Unfortunately they are pretty pricey too.

I read them via scanned copies. Not hard to find really. Worth reading...

Mike D. said...

I have a store nearby...he has 30 boxes of indies from the 80's and 90's...I'll check to see if he has he has trade paperbacks on sale at 25% off...I'll check for that too. Then I'll let you know what I find out

Mike D. said...

Marvel man reprints are available through Marvel can probably find them on e-bay now...but the Eclipse comics material...may never again see the light of day unless DISMARVNEY cuts Moore a deal on his intellectual property rights as far as the stories go...after was not really Marvel Man during that time. It's all owned by Moore up to that point.
This looks like a job for Daniel Best and 20th Century Danny Boy the blog!

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