Friday, December 30, 2011

Green Lantern and the Avengers

The Marvel Studios produced films have been pretty successful so far, so I am really looking forward to The Avengers, the film everything has been leading up to.   Joss Whedon is a great choice for director as he has had success writing for comics as well as handling ensemble pieces on film.  Sure there will be costume changes I would like to make and some other tweaks, but the fact that all these characters will on the big screen sharing an adventure together tells me I won't have too much to complain about.

I wish Green Lantern had fared better at the box office.  There was a lot to like about the film, but it was ultimately done in by a weak script, shoddy editing and a lackluster villain in Hector Hammond.  Warner Brothers has announced a sequel - but they said that for Superman Returns, too, so that may just be studio posturing.  I would like to see another attempt made utilizing lessons learned from the first outing, because I still think there is great potential in the franchise.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Green Lantern's origin was told in the animated film. It was a waste to retell it live action. Rule #1 from the Timm-Dini-verse - get right to it. Hal Jordan is Green Lantern. Tell how he got the ring in flashback. The film could have been a Year One adventure.

My one disappointment with the movie was that rather than being overconfident and cocky, Hal was reckless and self-destructive. I would have liked to see him more competent as a pilot. More like Iceman or Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

I expect The Avengers to be everything I anticipate and expect it to be.

About your Avengers line-up on the cover - what era is that? Hawkeye as Goliath and Captain Marvel? '70's?

Ross said...

It's from Avengers #72, 1970.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,


Anonymous said...

drwho vs dr shrinker dr who vs brainiac james bond james bond jr vs jaws and the real jaws

CWMartin said...

Scorpio at Halloween...?

Rick said...

I think the movie failed due to a bad script and villain. If they do a sequel then it better have Sinestro as the Villain. The first should have as even old time comic book fans like me forgot about Hector Hammond until the movie came out.

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