Friday, December 2, 2011

Batman and The Vision and The Scarlet Witch

I have featured each of these characters before, but wanted to use them together because I always enjoyed them as a couple.  Sure, a romance between a mutant and a synthezoid was a little freaky, but that's what made their relationship so compelling.  Unfortunately, both characters have been through the wringer for the past few decades, with The Scarlet Witch growing increasingly more unstable and The Vision receiving personality wipes and new bodies.  Their romance was one of the first casualties of all of this tampering.  I think it is time to get them both back to a more stable, iconic place and see if there is any of that old magic left.  I'm just sentimental enough to think that these two crazy kids could still make it work after all of these years.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

What was that Inspector Drebbin said, "Sometimes in this crazy world peoples' problems don't amount to a hill of beans...but this is our hill - and these are our beans!"

I'm not a fan of a crazy, unstable Wanda.

But then, she's the one in a relationship with a, um, er, ah mannequin...WITH kids! How'd THAT happen?

StormChaser said...
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