Thursday, December 8, 2011

Batman and The Young Allies (Retro)

Long before the likes of the New Mutants or even the Teen Titans, the Young Allies blazed the trail for future teenage superhero groups.  Indeed they were Marvel's first ongoing team book.  Bucky, Toro and a plucky group of kids helped foil plots by the Red Skull and real world Axis Leaders.  With a renewed interest in Bucky these days due to his high profile return as the Winter Soldier as well as his recent cinematic exposure, I hope to see some new tales of this WWII super group hit the stands.


Worldmusic said...

BOB KANE!!!! Please Ross, in honor of The KANE, you must eventually pair Batman up with Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse, one of his later, more whimsical creations. Who can forget that beautiful, grainy animation?

GFritts said...

Great cover! When looking at your BATB Zorro cover, you said you were at the end of the alphabet, but there's a few great team ups yet to be tackled:

Silver Age Doom Patrol & X-Men (if you have not covered that)

Golden Age Robin & Bucky

Silver Age Robin and Rick Jones (as Bucky)

Silver Age Captain America & Batman

Vision and Red Tornado

...and the most famous TV hero crossover--Batman & Robin vs. The Green Hornet & Kato! Well, not an adaptation of the TV versions, but use the characters' Golden or Silver Age comic interpretations!

Keep up the great work of what could have been!

Ross said...

Many of those are coming up... one will appear next week! There is a Batman/Green Hornet cover in the archives already, but I may revisit the pairing some day.

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