Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Batman and The X-Men (Retro)

Well, I've had Batman in retro adventures with each of the individual members, I guess it's time for him to meet the merry mutants as a whole.  Now, here's the First Class I was really hoping to see on the big screen.  Alas, with the X-films wonky continuity, it seems as though only a full franchise reboot will allow for that to happen.  It was great at least to finally see the traditional yellow and navy blue outfits on screen at last, proving they could look cool regardless of any comments made in earlier films.


David Andrews said...

You always create some really great covers Ross. I also notice that you get the style and period of the amalgamated art spot on.

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P.S. I would love to do a email interview with you for my blog.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Mazzuchelli and Kirby; awww ywah, that's awesome right there! Didn't Mazzuchelli pencil Batman: Year One?

I don't think we will EVER see the original five together - live action or animation. Chalk it up to that motto - "Unity Through Diversity". That would be why the Justice League animated series included Hawkgirl and John Stewart.

I just picked up the First Class Digest late last week. That's a heckuva read!

Maybe one day, someone WILL come along and say, Hey, why DON'T we use the original five?

Anonymous said...

Would like to see Aqua Team Hunger force.

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