Thursday, December 29, 2011

Aquaman and The Sub Mariner (Part Two)

I wonder which of these two characters will be the first to get their own big screen film?  I've heard Namor bandied about as a potential future Marvel flick and Aquaman was famously brought to fictional cinema in Entourage as well as guest shots on Smallville and an unsuccessful TV pilot.  A big budget picture for an underwater superhero would face a lot of hurdles.  Underwater shoots are incredibly expensive and there's also the question of how to have the characters speak beneath the depths - easily handled in a comic but a lot tougher to make work in live action.  Both characters have famous looks that have their own challenges to pull off - making Aquaman's togs look cool and finding someone who can both act and look good in nothing but swim trunks and ankle wings.  It's a lot to overcome, but if done with care we could have a superhero movie unlike any other.  I'm betting we see one of them as a co-star in a team flick before a solo outing though.


Wings1295 said...

Aquaman all the way, baby! Love the cover!

SmearySoapboxPress said...

A Namor movie might be more successful if he wore the sharkskin suit from the early SVTU issues.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Another AWESOME cover.
I just picked up The New 52 Aquaman yesterday and let me just say that I hope Geoff Johns is in it for the long haul. I liked his work on Green Lantern. He made Green Lantern a must read for me.

As far as an Aquaman movie, I doubt that DC will do what Marvel has been doing. I see Aquaman in a Justice League movie before his own solo one.

I see Namor in a solo film.

I think it will be a race to see which one hits screens first.

Honestly, I'm betting on Namor. Once Disney/Marvel sees the results of Avengers. They will start to develop properties for film like Namor. I imagine we'll see a flood of marvel hero films.

I would totally see an Aquaman animated film. DC's animated films are much better than live-action.

Anonymous said...

Howabout some characters from Star Wars meets some characters from Star Trek & Battlestar Galactica?

Ross said...

All three series will make appearances...

Anonymous said...

@Davesez: Aquaman obviously won.

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