Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Batman and Tigra

I have been a fan of Tigra since her original appearances as The Cat, to her fully felinte transformation and then her time as an Avenger.  She is currently being featured in Avengers Academy.  I get a kick out of the fact that she is still rocking the bikini... I don't ever remember any of my teachers dressing like that!

I was glad that this pairing finally gave me a chance to do an all Bruce Timm cover.  He has a great grasp of body language and the ability to distill a character down to a simple streamlined iconic look.

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BERT said...

Like to see a Bronze Age version of this team-up!

How's about a Tigra, Hellcat, and Black Cat courting session with Bats, and Catwoman in the pining Lois Lane role!

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