Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Falcon and Doll Man


I got a kick out of The Flacon naming his little drone "Redwing" in Captain America: Civil War, but I have to admit I was hoping they would find a way to present the real deal.  Sam Wilson flying into action with an actual falcon at his side was always a cool visual in the comics and it would have been fun to see it in live action.  Besides, I like superheroes with animal sidekicks.


Carycomic said...

This is a stunning visual, indeed. Who's providing the transportation for Doll Man, though; Jonathan Livingston Seagull? :-)

Bob Greenwade said...

It's a minor tragedy that Stargirl, after hinting in the first season at seeing Hooty in action by Beth's side, will never deliver on that.

Anonymous said...

It's a not-so-minor tragedy that they had to start killing off supporting characters as early as the _3rd episode_ of the first season!

Det Tobor said...

People seem to forget there was a virus that affected the world. Lots of people had to give up streaming services.... which no longer supported things like super hero tv shows. Still some virus that's going round.
CW, NETFLIX, HBO MAX and so on (even Disney) have seen a lot of droppings in their subscriptions. Yet, how's the box offices doing? $600 Million? So people are still spending. I guess the tv people figure they should have more money coming in, forgetting inflation taking away peoples' extras.

Dollman, Ant-man, Atom, Wasp -new Microforce East?

Why would someone be dumb enough to grab Redwing? Having Falcon on your case ain't the best of ideas.

Anonymous said...

#My Namesake @3:46: Redwing was obviously abducted by a birdbrain.

Bobbo said...

On a side note, upon the first reading of this sentence, “I got a kick out of The Falcon naming his little drone "Redwing", I have to admit I took it completely out of context.

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