Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Popeye and Donald Duck


I'm thinking these two might have a similar reaction to one another that Duck Dodgers and Spaceman Spiff did on the cover that they shares a couple of days ago.  They might find some common ground as sailors, but their tempers might just get the best of them - until Olive and Daisy set them straight, of course!


Carycomic said...

Yep! I can just imagine what those two ladies would've said eighty-one years ago, today.

"Don't fight each other, boys. Fight the ones who dared attack Pearl Harbor!"

God bless all our present-day men and women in military uniform. May they and their families have a safe and peaceful Holiday Season!

Ken Roskos said...
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Ken Roskos said...

Yes! Here's to our Vets who put everything on the line for our country, then and now. Popeye is the obvious champion here, having the most experience in the Pacific theater. I think he was the first Super Soldier, (or super-sailor), before Captain America appeared. And it would have been something to see Donald Duck with this super alter-ego going up against you-know-who from the "Der Fuehrer's Face" cartoon. Keep 'em flyin'!

Det said...

The Vets have earned so much more than the help they sometimes are limited to. Helped take care of my uncle for decades. There can never be enough said about helping them.

I don't remember seeing Donald with a super alter ego. I remember Bugs and Daffy wearing the caped uniforms and flying, and Bugs becoming a marine at the end.

Happier holidays and a much better New Year for all who have helped.

Ken Roskos said...

I think this Donald is from the Italian Topolino comics, where he has a secret life as "Double Duck". (?) Not sure.

Bob Greenwade said...

Just before I clicked to open today's page, I thought to myself "Let's see what sort of surprise Ross has in store for us today." Certainly, we can never quite know what to expect on this blog, and this entry does not disappoint.

I still would love to see Popeye teamed with other time-limited heroes, such as Green Lantern, Hourman, Roger Ramjet, Dial H, etc.

And Amen to the salute to our noble veterans.

BigMike20X6 said...

Fantastic. This is another one of those 'obvious in hindsight' sorts of teamups.
And thinking back to the Spaceman Spiff cover, I was thinking of suggesting/requesting Stupendous Man and Super-Goof. Or Perhaps the Simpsons' Radioactive Man

Simon Mark de Wolfe said...

the thing that most have missed is that they are on a wooden sailing ship,
so it’s possible that it’s a time travel story,
those sailor boys do love a scrap….

Alec Semicognito said...

Popeye wouldn't start the fight --- that would fall to the selfish, conniving Donald. But Popeye would certainly finish the fight.

Carycomic said...

@Simon: either that, or they're battling the Flying Dutchman. As in, the Silver Surfer foe! NOT the Golden Age fighter pilot from Archie (nee MLJ) Comics.

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