Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Black Lightning and The West Coast Avengers

I wouldn't mind seeing some version of the West Coast Avengers in the MCU.  It would be a nice place to introduce characters like Tigra, Wonder Man and Mockingbird who maybe aren't high profile enough to have their own show or movie.  Maybe the Hawkeye series coming on Disney+ could plant the seeds for the group (while Clint is not training Kate Bishop, of course).


jlbgriggs2 said...

Agreed. But the original West Coast Avengers, not the goofy version that came out last year.

MarchHareSupreme said...

Just thinking for no apparent reason, Black Lightning would work nicely in the Avengers. His powers are more than just power blasts like Living Lightning. He has real depth and has shown a growing usage of his powers even if I really hate his tossing lightning balls.

By the way, even though I have this book, I forgot who that is between Mockingbird and Hawkeye. I don't think it's the Shroud but who?

MarchHareSupreme said...

Maybe I should pause before posting a question because I tend to answer it on my own; I just recalled the figure in question is the astonishing Doctor Pym in his wannabe Doctor Who stage.

Anonymous said...

Bad idea, BL! Iron Man's on-board thermocouple can turn that electricity into a full-power repulsor ray without shaking off PP's mojo!

Bob Greenwade said...

A couple of seeds might be dropped in the Hawkeye series, but there's also some opportunity in She-Hulk, since Jen Waters is LA-based. I don't know whether she ever was a part of the WCA, but at least there'll be an opportunity to bring up some of that team's members, even if they never get their origins on the show.

And I do hope that Adrianne Palicki is available for at least a cameo on one (or both) of the shows. (Chloe Bennett and Natalia Cordova-Buckley would be great to see too!)

B Paganini said...

Dear Ross,
There are few suggestions that can be fun, if you like and accept the challenge of creating them.
1. Fantastic Four vs. Galaxy Trio. I cannot believe you have not done it yet!
2. 'An eye for an eye': Nick Fury vs. Deathstroke. Guests? The Governor (WD), Snake Plissken, Patchs.
3. Brainstorm: Leader, MODOK, Brain Drain, Supreme Intelligence, Psimon, Dr.Psycho, Hector Hammond, Brain, Brainiac, Validus, Krang (TNMT). In addition to the similar powerset, villains whose appearance has an emphasis on their brains/heads.
4. Dangerous & Dragons: Fin Fang Foom, Tiamat (D&D cartoon), Granamyr (He-Man), Smaug (Hobbit), Zok (Herculoids). Guest? Lockheed. Wings on Fire!
5. Emerald Gold: Jean Grey, Rogue, Banshee, Vision, Iron Fist, Mantis vs Loki, Enchantress (M), Dr.Octopus, Electro, Mandarin, Thunderball, Mantis (DC), Mer-Man (He-Man). Inspired by the article 'Superhero Color Theory 1 2 3 4' by Brian McLachlan. Recommended reading! This article can be inspiration for a number of other covers.
6. First Homelands (July 4): The Shield (ArchieComics), Captain America, Minute-Man (Fawcett), Captain Battle (Lev Gleason). The Shield debuted as the first patriotically themed hero. These three other patriotic comic characters soon followed him.
7. Hat & Coat: Dick Tracy, Spirit, Shadow, Darkman, Green Hornet, Question, Phanton Stranger, Dr.Occult, Sandman (Wesley Dodds), Rorcharch. Guests? Carmen Sandiego & Inspector Gadget. When a Fedora hat and an overcoat was all the heroes' fashion.
8. 'I put a spell on you': Dr.Strange, Scarlet Witch, Shaman, Dr.Fate, Zatanna, John Constantine, Mage (Comico), Promethea, Mandrake. Guests? Harry Porter. Mystical heroes with powers based on pronounced enchantments... or almost that (LOL).
9. 'Mad as a hatter': Ringmaster vs. Mad Hatter. Guests: Hulk & Batman.
10. Modern Prometheus: Frankenstein (DC) vs. Franken-Castle. Guests? Frankenstein (Universal) & Frankenstein, Jr. (Hanna-Barbera). Inspired by the novel 'Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus' by Mary Shelley.
11. 'NEW' New Titans: Robin, Bucky, Captain M Jr., Arthur, Jace, Kato. Classic sidekicks who are not just 'childish' versions of the main character. Paraphrasing the classic Spider-man cover: 'Sidekicks No More!'.
12. New Thunderbolts: Storm, Thor, Living Lightning, Shazam, Black Lightning, Lightning Lad, Static, Jenny Sparks, Livewire (Valliant) vs. Electro, Black Adam, Weather Wizard, Livewire (DC). Guests? Pikachu, Raiden (MK), Blanka (SF). Heroes and villains with powers intrinsically related to thunder and/or electricity.
13. Planet of the Apes: Red Ghost & his 'NEW' Super-Apes: Gorila Grodd, Monsieur Mallah, Ultra-Humanite, Mandrill, Gorilla-Man, Cy-Gor vs. Monkeyman, Detective Chimp, Hit-Monkey, Solovar. Guest? King Kong.
14. Solum Sacris: Wizard Shazam, Merlin (DC), Gandalf, Dumbledore. The battle of the white-bearded wizards. Guests? Santa Claus.
15. Tinny Grandmasters: Ganthet, Yoda, Dungeon Master. No other character comes to mind with the characteristics of being small and acting as a kind of tutor. Guests? Jiminy Cricket.
16. Coast to Coast: West Coast Avengers vs. Justice League Detroit. The title makes a pun on the name of the show 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast', in addition to being a reference to the location of the teams, LA and MI.

B Paganini said...

Special Series I:
17. Golden Age: Adam Warlock, Ex Nihilo, Gold (Metal Men), Waverider. Guest? Living Tribunal. The principle here are characters whose skin (or tone) is metallic golden. Preferably, clothes of other colors do not overshadow this feature. The name make pun with the golden age of comic book [1938-1956].
18. Silver Age: Silver Surfer, Jocasta, Colossus, Captain Atom, Steel, Platinum (Metal Men), Bulleteer, Warblade. Guest? T-1000. Characters whose skin (or tone) is metallic silver. Pun with the silver age of comic books [1956-1970].
19. Bronze Age: Robotman, Stafire, Doc Savage, Beta Ray Bill, Thing. Hard to assemble these. Characters whose skin (or tone) is bronze. Pun with the bronze age of comic books [1970-1984].
Special Series II:
Inspired by 'From Asgard to Valhalla …' by Heather O'Donoghue. After the Ragnarok event, the Asgardians must to find a new place to live, The All-Father then decides to fight for a new realm capable of sustaining Asgardian power. The "WAR IN 9 REALMS" saga begins:
20. 'From Asgard to- Themyscira': Odin vs. Hippolyta. Guests: Valkyrior vs. Amazons.
21. 'From Asgard to- Olympus': Odin vs. Zeus (DC). Guests: Thor vs. Hercules (DC).
22. 'From Asgard to- New Genesis': Odin vs. Highfather. Guests: Asgardians vs. New Gods.
23. 'From Asgard to- Apokolips': Odin vs. Darkseid. Guests: Loki vs. DeSaad.
24. 'From Asgard to- Atlantis': Odin vs. Poseidon (DC). Guests: Thor vs. Aquaman.
25. 'From Asgard to- Gemworld': Odin vs. Lords of Chaos and Order. Guests: Lady Sif vs. Amethyst.
26. 'From Asgard to- Rock of Eternity': Odin vs. Wizard Shazam.
27. 'From Asgard to- Oa': Odin vs. Guardians of the Universe. Asgardians vs. Green Lantern Corps.
28. 'From Asgard to- Krypton': Odin vs. Jor-El.
Feel free to add or cut anything in these suggestions. If they serve to inspire you, they will have done their job.
Kind regards,
B Paganini

Ross said...

Some reminders about suggesting team-ups. 1) Please understand I get many every day, I can't respond to them all, and the answer is always the same anyway - Maybe if I can find the right images and idea (and I feel like it). 2) It's much better to just request 1-3 team ups that you really want to see, when I get these lists of 20 -30 different Ideas my eyes tend to glaze over and I don't remember any if them. 3) it's just one cover - ideas with a dozen characters in them are not only hard to make (every additional character increases the difficulty), there's only so much space to work with - we don't want these to look like Where's Waldo scenes. 4) Asking over and over for the same idea does not make it more probable. 5) Suggesting which characters to use is enough, I prefer to take it from there - when you already have the exact images to use picked out, along with the complete concept, title, captions and dialog, I wonder why you don't just make the cover yourself since it's all worked out already 6)Becoming a Patron helps!

B Paganini said...

Dear Ross,
I apologize for the enthusiasm. The suggestions are at your disposal anyway. Your work is wonderful and believe that you only get more and more fans. even though some are inexperienced and daring like me.
Kind regards.

Carycomic said...

@MarchHareSupreme: Don't feel too bad. It could've been worse.

It could just as easily have been that dimension-hopping busybody...The Phantom Stranger!

Bob Greenwade said...

B's entry #13 lists several characters who could potentially share a cover with Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys (after to the Road Rovers, I consider theirs to be the second most underrated cartoon show of the 1990s).

I hear you as far as doing it ourselves, though, Ross. If I had any ability at all in this area, I would've already done up the Klutz Commandos, and sent it to you as a potential "guest contribution." Unfortunately, while I have many talents, this isn't one of them.

But since you mentioned Where's Waldo, maybe some future April Fool's Day cover (it's probably too late to do the work for this year) could be exactly that. Just find every character you can whose colors are mainly red and white; Vindicator and Captain Canuck would be a good start.

The Man in Black said...

I miss Bobbi Morse from Agents of Shield.

Anonymous said...

Bob G, it's a pity the American publishers changed the name from Where's Wally to Where's Waldo, or there could be a great cover with the Flash.

Anonymous said...

@Bob @ Ross: how about an April Fools cover featuring Deadpool and Harley Quinn being bawled out by Capt. America and Wonder Woman for going to a masquerade party...

...as Cap and WW!

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