Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spider-Man and Starman

DC Comics has made great use of the generational legacy aspects of their characters.  On of the best examples is Starman.  James Robinson in particular was able to weave all of the various heroes to adopt the Starman title together into a single cohesive narrative that served to make all of them more interesting to me.  A Jack Knight Starman TV show seems like something that would have a lot of potential.


Richard Fuller said...

LOVE the WWII heroes. Always have, and Starman was one of the big faves, cuz he has no doppleganger in the JLA.
Any images, especially single appearances of Starman, Dr. Midnite, Hourman, Sandman (and would you believe, I am probably the only person who likes the yellow-and-purple outfit over the gasmask?) I always enjoy.

I also liked Tarantula's look-alike getup to Sandman, tho now the brown-and-black oddity is thirty plus years old, so it's good and dated as well.

Still, just like that Starman solid red outfit like that.

AirDave said...

Awesome cover!

This is what is so maddening and frustrating as a fan. Starman was, and is, a great character. It's still holds up. But according to legend, when Birds of Prey didn't perform, Starman was shelved. That's why I stick to the comic books. Between James Robinson, Tony Harris and Archie Goodwin, Starman was incredible. There's always some minor change that has to be made so that the television series or film is noticeably different from the comic book...

A Starman television series would have been epic.

Wolfhammer said...

The blue and yellow costumed version of STARMAN is pretty cool looking, but nothing beats the original. How about the original STARMAN teaming up with the original NOVA and SPACE GHOST in some outer space adventure?

Tom said...

"Any images, especially single appearances of Starman, Dr. Midnite, Hourman, Sandman...I always enjoy."

Rich, those characters were among the main reasons I got into Earth-Two more as a kid than Earth-One. I actually used to get them confused when they were still somewhat new to me, but the neat thing is that they have a WWII-era street-level superhero style to them that persists throughout the years, even when depicted in the current day.

If anything, I'd love to see a team-up with Midnite, Hourman, and Sandman. Heck, throw the Tarantula and the Crimson Avenger in there too, with a special guest appearance by the Shadow! That'd make for one heck of a TV series, a la Arrow/Flash/Daredevil right now.

Cary Comic said...

The armored sniper looks like one of the Watchdogs. A right-wing bunch of homophobic bigots that was one of several hate groups the Red Skull was funding, simultaneously, during the Nineties. So, I can just picture them going after the ret-conned Golden Age GL (for his coming out of the closet), and hurting some innocent by-stander in the process. Hence, the team-up between Spidey and Ted Knight.

Well, that's the way I'd handle it for DC or Marvel.

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