Monday, May 30, 2016

Doctor Light and Spider-Man

I remember really liking the new heroic Doctor Light that rose out of the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths and expecting big things for the character.  Unfortunately, she never really seemed to find a home.  I remember her showing up briefly in a few Justice League story lines, but I always thought that she was deserving of more attention.  It was cool to see a version of her in live action on The Flash, and hopefully that is a sign of bigger things to come for her in the comic world down the line.


Cary Comic said...

Back when MTU was still at the height of its 1970's popularity, this could easily have been incorporated into the running subplot about Lightmaster trying to reincorporate himself through the photonic energies wielded by Quasar and Dazzler.

Of course, now, they'd have to use the Living Laser as the Chief Bad Guy, instead. What with his understandable hatred for Stark Industries (for his sentient energy state), he could easily manipulate Spidey's own lingering resentment for Tony Stark's pre-Civil War actions.

In any event? Have a Happy Memorial Day. :-)

Richard Fuller said...

Yea, I remember so many 'big expectations' from a lot of stuff around Crisis on Infinite Earths, on tv and elsewhere.
What a strange time that was.

No idea why no one seemed to be able to decide what to do with this Dr. Light.

I remember 'blaming' her for Supergirl's death, then Harbinger pointed out Supergirl was already dying and could not survive from Anti's attacks, so in essence, Dr. Light aided in putting her out of her misery.

Still all seemed to be some rather odd storytelling in some regards, but I guess it worked.

JuniorXEastNY said...

COIE held such glorious promise. Every opportunity waa missed due to laziness or career burnout on the part of old school writers, and an inabilty for DC Comics to understand its new generation of readers. The worst comic artwork you will ever find are DC books btwn '91-96

Sonofjack Well said...

I think that the problem with the female Dr. Light is that no one really thought the character out beyond, "Let's create a new Dr. Light only this time as a hero and let's make her a Japanese woman." And if you think about it, her costume makes no sense at all. Why would she choose to pay tribute to the villainous Dr. Light in this way? It might make more sense if she were connected to him in some way and choose to carry on the name and costume as redemption for his evil deeds.

Regarding COIE in general, I think that it's ironic that thirty years ago DC tried to "fix" their comic book universe only to see it almost immediately begin to unravel. And after that virtually every attempt to repair the damage has only added to the confusion. I recently read the DC Universe Rebirth special hoping to see some glimmer of hope. I came away thinking what a bloody shambles they've made of the DC universe.... I think that at last I just need to come to the realization that the comic book heroes of my childhood are dead and gone and they are not coming back....

Anonymous said...

Yep! COIE was to DC of the late 1980's what George Lucas' ret-con of the original STAR WARS trilogy was to 1997.

Fixing what wasn't broken to begin with.

Linneman said...

I agree that opportunities to promote Kimiyo were squandered post-Crisis, especially considering the big team she was on actually became Justice League *International*.

I also agree that it's weird to just have her wear a copy of Arthur's suit without a better story to back that up. (Maybe I missed something, though...?)

Isaac said...

Another reason she didn't get big Post-Crisis .....The Ray! When he came along DC had no reason to continue pushing her. Again, another great cover Ross. Have you ever thought of a three way cover featuring Ambush Bug, Deadpool and Freakazoid? People would lose their minds!

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