Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Madman and The Beast

I like The Beast fine as a member of The X-Men, but my favorite stories featuring him are from his solo adventures, his time with The Avengers or his team-up with characters like Spider-Man or Wonder Man.  Heck, I think he is a strong enough character to anchor a team-up title of his own like Spidey or The Thing.


Martin Maenza said...

I too preferred Hank in his blue furry Avengers days.

Carycomic said...

Me, too, Martin. I remember one team-up he had with Spidey in which Hank wound up with all the fan girls! Prompting the web-slinger to angrily ask himself:

"Why couldn't I have been bitten by a radioactive blue Wookiee?"

P.S. (@Ross): isn't that Rufus Quackenbush driving the cab? The Groucho Marx analog from one of Marvel's DHOKF Annuals?

Paul said...

It's Captain Jeffery Spaulding, the African Explorer, from "Animal Crackers".

Anonymous said...

Actually, Paul, he's half-right. Rufus T. Hackstabber was a Groucho analog who aided Shang-Chi in MASTER OF KUNG FU volume 1/#52.

Tom said...

I honestly always like Beast from his time with the Defenders. It wasn't all that long if I remember correctly, but the writers were able to integrate his natural smarts with a leadership role, which made for a very compelling character.

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