Sunday, May 15, 2016

Raven and Cloak & Dagger

Cloak and Dagger are finally coming to live action  in the form of an ongoing series on Disney's Freeform channel.  Not much else has been announced, so I hope to hear of some of the creative talent involved soon.  I have always thought that Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen had a lot of potential and hopefully this new incarnation will introduce them to a larger audience.


Ideas Man2 said...

Another great cover, Ross.

An idea for you: The Question vs. The Answer

AirDave said...

Wow! Awesome cover!
Even though it's difficult - nigh unto impossible - to crack into reading Marvel Comics their Cinematic Universe is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Bet they change her costume.

Cary Comic said...

What would they have to change? Just dye one of Emma Ishta's Stitcher unitards from black to white.

Oh! And, before I forget, again; great cover, Ross! I would've never thought of teaming these three. Raven and Nightveil of Femforce, maybe. But, never these three. Brilliant!

jrp04f said...

In real life, all white skintight outfits tend to be kinda see-through

Bob Greenwade said...

This is a wonderful cover. I don't know why I didn't log in earlier to see it (somehow I missed the whole weekend), but I'd really be interested in seeing the story within.

(Of course if I were to write it I'd have to include a one-page scene where Raven and Cloak get their cloaks mixed up somehow.)

I agree that there will probably be a change to Dagger's costume for the live-action series. I've seen Dagger cosplayers and... well, I don't think many women would want to be wearing that while doing a lot of running and jumping around. #WardrobeMalfunction

But I'd still be interested to see who will be playing that pair.

Michael Joesph said...

You know which characters Raven could go together with in a crossover like this? Magik or Hellboy.

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