Friday, May 20, 2016

Iceman Vs. Captain Cold

DC's Legends of Tomorrow has promised to have slightly different rosters with each season, and indeed a new DCU face made an appearance at the end of the season finale.  *** Spoilers beyond this point for those not caught up *** We have already seen one character make the ultimate sacrifice - Captain Cold.  I can't say I will miss Wentworth Miller's chewing the scenery by drawingggggg out every otherrrrr worrrrdd he says.  Still, in a show all about time travel, nothing is certain.  He may find a way to stick around yet!  And now Hourman has joined the team, explaining that he is a member of the Justice Society... they certainly knew how to get me back for season two!


Richard Fuller said...

Yea, I'm going to miss those little whines of Miller's on LoT, but his 'sarcifice' definitely made me a Captain Cold fan.
And as I always felt Iceman was totally underplayed, fun seeing him paired up with anyone.

bigjeffoh said...

Terrific cover. Always good to see one of the Rogues getting some notice.

Agree with your comments on Miller (and Purcell,too.) Best moment in any superhero/comic show this season was Penguin and Butch versus Azrael on "Gotham". Short and sweet.

Martin Maenza said...

I absolutely love Miller's take on Cold and would welcome him back on any of the CW shows. That said, the tease for next season sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

I say good riddance to him! The only thing I liked about Wentworth Miller's version of Capt. Cold, on THE FLASH, was his lack of the pseudo-Inuit parka from the comic books. His knowledge of the Flash's dual identity, though? Too much like the pattern that was starting to develop in the first four Bat-films from Warner Brothers (1989-97). Foe learns hero's secret identity? Foe dies from either karmic accident or double-cross by accomplice.

Sonofjack Well said...

Personally, I will miss Captain Cold on Legends of Tomorrow. I was starting to enjoy the heat (pun intended) between him and the Canary. I WON'T be missing Hawkman. In the absence of Hawkwoman, I hope they add another woman to the team. I also hope that Ray finally wins the girl.

Chris Lawton said...

I enjoyed Miller's delivery. Now the way Welles is always whispering when he speaks over on The Flash drives me buggy.

Don said...

I am THE RIDER OF THE NIGHT WINDS and I will be 74 years old in two months. I have been following this blog for quite some time and find it most interesting. I don't always like your choices (about 1%) but i admire the work you put into each cover.

I'm on a very limited income so I'm unable to send any support, but thought you would appreciate hearing how much i enjoy seeing your choices for the covers.

I used t write a few fan-fics several years ago and have been thinking of trying to write some short storie based on some of your covers if you don't mind. Comic books were always written after a cover had been drawn. I don't have a blog so I'd have to submit any of them to whoever would take them. You would probably be the logical one and we could attach your cover
to the story. If your are intereted, you may read some of my material at the DC ELSEWORLDS site. Stories are FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET, THE BAT, and WHAT ABOUT THE BAT (All three are in different styles). I DON'T REMEMBER WHAT NAME i WAS WRITING UNDER AT THE TIME but if they are not till there, I have pdf copies.
Thank you for your work and for reading this.

Ross said...

Thank you for the kind words, Don! If you are inspired enough by a cover to write a corresponding story, don't let me stop you!

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