Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sgt. Rock and The Rocketeer (Part Two)

I was always disappointed that The Rocketeer was not a hit upon its original theatrical release.  Not only is it still one of the best comic adaptations which still holds up decades later, it had one of the greatest movie posters out there.  The art deco style image that they used was very striking and I thought it served as a great introduction to the characters for mainstream audiences unaware of Dave Stevens' amazing comics. I remember looking around for a poster version at the time.


Keith B said...

Love the Rocketeer, visually one of the finest movies I've ever seen. James Horner's soundtrack matched the tone of the film perfectly. A favorite film to this day.

Love the covers every day, a great source of fun!

Ross said...

Thank you Keith - yes that soundtrack is one of the greats - other films use it all the time as temp tracks in commercials for movies that aren't scored yet.

Cary Killingbeck said...

Yep! That film was most definitely, and criminally, under-rated. Billy Campbell (no relation to Bruce, as far as I know) was quite believable as the idealistic young hero. Alan Arkin all-but-stole the show as the semi-comic relief mentor. Timothy Dalton appeared to have more fun playing the Errol Flynn-like villain than he ever did portraying 007.

And Jennifer Connelly is as much a knock-out now as she was then. ;-)

Sonofjack Well said...

"He Ain't Heavy...He's My Sergeant!"

Effing brilliant!

Simreeve said...

I loved the Rocketeer film too.


Ross, while you're thinking about characters with similar names, how about Orin and Norrin i.e. Aquaman and the Silver Surfer?

Hr'rmm, if Aquaman had become the herald of Galactus maybe he would have been a 'Silver Swimmer'?

Or how about a Silver Surfer/Scarlet Skier team-up?


Rip Jagger said...

Couldn't agree more! This movie still has the sauce to work in a movie environment which has become overwrought with special effects work. This one has attitude and just enough visual splendor to tell a really fun story, just like the comic.

Rip Off

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