Saturday, February 20, 2016

Johnny Quick and Quicksilver

The Flash TV show isn't shy about bringing in new speedsters and this whole season revolves around Earth-2, so I am holding out hope for a Johnny Quick appearance one of these days.  Even Jesse Chambers has been a character on the show recently, so the groundwork has already been laid.  I was a fan of Johnny's even before All-Star Squadron due to the reprints I read - I always thought his costume was cool, loved the short sleeves.


Cary Killingbeck said...

As it stands right now, "Chambers" might be ret-conned as the maiden name of Jessie Wells' Earth-2 mother. Then, there's the outstanding question of the Tapper in the Iron Mask. Is he the long-lost father of Earth-2 Barry? And, what was he trying to tell Earth-1 Barry about Jay Garrick?

As for today's art work; it might have been more fitting to team up Pietro with Max Mercury (the Golden Age Quicksilver).

Linneman said...

Speedster fan here; nice work!

Wolfhammer said...

You're right about JOHNNY QUICK. Great character with a cool costume. How about a team-up with the WHIZZER? Two speedsters in WW2.

Simreeve said...

I first saw Johnny Quick in some sort of Flash special (an annual, or 80-page giant, or whatever) back in the'70s, enjoyed the story in which he appeared, and also enjoyed his later appearances in All-Star Squadron & onwards, so it's nice to see him appearing here...
... but I second the suggestion for a Quicksilver (Pietro)/Quicksilver (Max) team-up, too.

Mind you, I can't see Pietro nowadays without remembering how grumpy he got about the Flashes' speed and popularity in the JLA/Avengers story.

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