Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Iron Fist and Rai

Mike Colter, Netflix' Luke Cage, let it slip that Iron Fist has been cast for the character's self titled show.  I had read that there was some trouble as far as getting the series up and running, so it is good to hear that it seems to be getting on track.  The friendship between Luke Cage and Danny Rand is one of my favorites in comics and it is going to be great to see that explored on screen.


Cary Comic said...

Great depiction, Ross! :-D

I can just imagine Iron Fist hitching a ride to the 41st century courtesy of Nate "Cable" Summers (either just before or just after the Deadpool/Bloodshot affair*).

*See "Older Posts."

Anonymous said...

I echo CC's sentiments.

Btw: as long as you're pitting Marvel characters against indie characters how about AC's Femforce vs. a giant-sized Katrina "Man-Killer" Van Hoorn?

Bob Buethe said...

How about a sequel starring Peter Porker? "Ham on Rai!"

Just John said...
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Just John said...

Please do Iron Fist and Ninjak or Daredevil and Ninjak !!!

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