Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wonder Woman Vs. Judge Dredd

Brian Bolland has always left me wanting more as far as his interiors go, but I guess I can understand that the amount of care and detail that he includes means he won't produce as much work as some other artists.  He makes up for it with his stunning cover work though.  Whether it's on a standard superhero comic or something in more of a Vertigo vein, his visuals always make me stop and take a closer look... which is exactly what a great cover should do.


Anonymous said...

Damn Ross! I thınk you just made your most brutal cover!

Ross said...

She's an Amazon, she can take it! Yeah, admittedly a bit of a brutal scene, but I couldn't resist when I saw how well the bolland images could work together.

Anonymous said...

Brutal? Maybe. But, definitely not as erotically suggestive as the bondage scenes drawn by Moulton, himself, for the Golden Age Wonder Woman!

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