Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mary Marvel and Marvelman

Marvelman is a character and series that I always wanted to get into, but never got the chance.  The series was not available around where I lived when it was originally in print, and then legal battles prevented new editions once I had plenty of comic shops to choose from. Finally, the chance has come around again to discover these stories, and I look forward to seeing what all the fuss was about.


John Pitt said...

To be honest, the original Mick Anglo MM Miller comics that Marvel first started reprinting weren't all that eventful, when he would be up against pirates and smugglers and the like. But the latest series reprinting the Alan Moore "Warrior"/ Eclipse stories; retitled Miracleman are highly recommended. But make sure you get the adult versions, rather than the children's.

Anonymous said...

I recently re-read some of those reprints. The Eighties version, with its multi-faceted conspiracies, is definitely--and delightfully--intriguing. Although, the birth scene involving Mrs. Miracleman was a little _too_ graphic for my taste!

As for the Golden Age kiddie-reprints? Initially, those were just revisions of pre-WWII back issues of Fawcett comics (due to war-time import restrictions)! So, the blame for that alleged silliness rests partially on us Americans. ;-)

One more item of note: would be it be possible to feature a team-up between Spidey and Miracleman (seeing as how they're both employed by THE DAILY BUGLE)?

jrp04f said...

As was Archie/MLJ Comics' The Fox.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Fox of Archie Comics was employed by THE DAILY GLOBE (which would make Paul Patton Peter Parker's professional rival)!

John Pitt said...

How about a triple action with Superman, Marvelman and Captain Marvel { Shazam! )?

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