Monday, September 29, 2014

Jade & Obsidian and Cloak & Dagger

Jade and Obsidian were a couple of great legacy heroes, and it is too bad that the New 52 Reboot left no room for them.  Hopefully they will make a return some day via Multiversity or some other reality altering story line.

If the Marvel / Netflix shows are a hit, I wouldn't be surprised to see Cloak and Dagger join the ranks of potential series.  They would fit right in with the other characters being developed there.

Stay tuned tomorrow for STF #900!


AirDave said...

I was very disappointed that Jade was killed off and Obsidian was turned into a villain, then a dis-embodied villain.

Isaac said...

Finallly! Long live the Legion! I mean STF!

Anonymous said...

The way Alan Scott has become part of the planet and getting his power from there, his two kids could be very easily birthed from the planet itself.

Anonymous said...

I agree with my namesake. In fact, I further suggest the Willow/Mantis as the surrogate mother.

Anonymous said...

I wish DC hadn't done away with Jade and Obsidian. I was a fan of Infinity Inc back in the 80's, and I think they could have been incorporated in the new Earth 2 series. Although the Earth 2 series has made radical changes with everything...I don't know if any characters are safe in that series. Oh well, what can you do, right?

Mr. Acer said...

You never see a lot of brother/sister teams in comics these days, and that's a bit of a shame.

On the subject of Cloak and Dagger, it's funny that it took them so long to appear in animation (thanks to Ultimate Spider-Man, of all shows).

Here's your next cover--Iron Man vs. Destro's Iron Grenadiers in 'Hostile Takeover'.

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